We believe ethical enterprise is the gateway to a better, fairer and more sustainable world. But it’s not just about doing good, it’s good for business too. Customers are increasingly turning to brands with purpose. That means having a social mission gives you an edge.

There are 1000s of amazing changemakers already making a difference in Yorkshire. What we need is to come together and accelerate the change. That’s why we’re doing our bit. We’re here to tell your social stories, spread the word and shake things up.

Our Mission

Promote goodness. Support social enterprise. Connect changemakers. Together, we can make Yorkshire a paragon of ethical business and a leading light for the rest of the world.


We’re here to make some noise for social enterprises, ethical businesses and everyday changemakers in Yorkshire. Not only do we provide a raft of tips, tools and templates in ‘Resources’, we also help you share your social stories.

You can feature on our ‘Ethical Brands‘ page, star in our social shout-outs blog and get free mentions in the Your Turn newsletter too. It’s all 100% free and zero-hassle.

Better yet, as an ethical brand you can request up to 7hrs of free marketing support. Choose from our 3 packages: ‘brand guidelines’, ‘strategy canvas’ and ‘content plan’. Find out more in ‘Marketing Boost‘.


We’re here for the everyday heroes, established businesses committed to CSR and little startups with a big heart. We stand up for independents who stand up for social good. We’re in the corner of the entrepreneurs looking to cause a social ruckus. And we’ll make some noise for sustainability, conservation, equality and anything else that deserves to be heard.

Your Turn is for the organic farmer, the sustainable fashion designer, the green architect, the humanitarian blogger, the compassionate retailer, the mission-based developer, the vegan barista and all those with a purpose.

If you’re an ethical brand, we’re here for you.

8 ways to optimise your ethical brand

Discover market gaps, analyse the competition and identify your audience.

Develop a winning brand by crafting your purpose, character and identity.

Define your objectives, build your strategy and choose your channels.

Build your online presence and design winning sales and marketing collateral.

Implement the processes, technology and resources to manage your marketing.

Develop the customer experience through awareness, engagement, leads and sales.

Create and deliver exceptional content, ads and PR.


Test, monitor and tweak marketing for optimal performance and growth.