Question: How do I conduct marketing research to discover market gaps, design a brand that resonates and develop a growth strategy based on real insights?

Marketing research, & EXPLORATION

Ingenious marketing begins with discovery. The first lesson is to understand that your brand is not what you say or think it is.

Forget your preconceptions, ignore your instincts and take a different tack. Now’s the time to step back and let the big picture come into focus.

Find your niche. It’s your turn.

Explore your market, pinpoint your position and search for gaps.


Conduct competitor analysis and zig while the others zag.

Identify your target audience(s) and discover what really makes them tick.

Draw out key insights and learn how to apply your findings to scale up.


Discovery means learning something new or seeing something for the first time.

Sometimes a bolt of inspiration or a dash of luck is all you need. But most of the time, a methodical approach to marketing research is necessary.

It takes an inquisitive mind to get there. For us marketers, it means asking the right questions to the right people in the right way.

It means conducting competitor analysis to shine a light on market gaps. It means defining your audience for market segmentation. And it means looking at your brand from a fresh perspective. 


Done the right way, this approach will help you build a marketing plan informed by real insights.

These insights could transform your approach to business entirely. They will give your strategy both a starting-point and an end-goal.

With market trends constantly shifting, this sense of direction is everything. It will help you to stay on track with SMART objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). This will reveal which elements of your marketing plan do and don’t work. 

If you’re a social enterprise in Yorkshire, you can claim free support with your marketing research.